“Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness.” – Genesis 15:6  

Whose opinion do you trust the most? Is it your parents or friends? Your coaches or teammates? Maybe your own opinion matters to you the most? Well, Abram (later to be named Abraham) teaches us that God’s opinion is the only one that can truly define us. Too often I would let the opinions of other people define what I thought about myself as a player, and even as a person. It didn’t matter how hard or how well I played, if someone didn’t seem to approve of me then I was filled with doubt and disappointment.

This can also happen with our faith. We try performing and doing good works hoping to be approved of by God when the truth is God loves us before we do anything for him or for others. His ultimate desire is for us to believe and receive his love. There is no need to try and earn his approval or anyone else’s for that matter. One of my favorite pastors says it this way: “The most spiritual thing you can do every morning of your life is say, ‘God, you’re right about me and about everything.’”

When we begin to trust the opinion of God over our opinion or the opinion of others, we are freed from the chains of having to impress other people and even the expectations we place on ourselves. As you head into your games, or maybe into the offseason, be a person who is defined by God’s opinion not someone else’s.

  • Reflect on how much God loves you.
  • Confess your attempts to earn God’s approval and love.
  • Pray and acknowledge that God is right about you and about everything.