“Love each other with genuine affection…” – Romans 12:10

Life Groups

The best way to get connected is to join a Life Group – a place where you will find genuinely warm and caring individuals who are happy to meet you.  We encourage you to visit several groups and discover which one is a fit for you. Don’t feel like you need to stay within a defined age group. Most have members whose ages don’t fit cleanly into any one group. These are simply meant to be categories to point you in a general direction. Click one of the blue buttons below to let us help you find a Life Group.

Life Groups Interest Form for Church Members

Life Group Interest Form for Guests and Those New to First Woodway

Click here to find out more information about our BlueBox Ministry

Click the tabs below to see available classes by time.

Senior Adult (age 75+)
Taylor – Room 203 (Women’s Class)

Multi-Generational (all ages)
Ruddell – Room 301-302 (Women’s Class)
Maciel/Abel – Room 311-312
Northern – Room 321-324

Prime Adult (ages 55-75)
Stewart/Lindsey/Purdy – Choir Room
Norris/Moseman – Room 217-218
Eichelberger – Room 317-318

Median Adult (ages 35-55)
Hacker/Talbert – Room 204 (Youth/College aged kids)
Rogers/Hoeffner/Wolfe – Room 210-211

Castro – Room A210

College – Room 205

Multi-Generational (all ages)
Oates – Room 301 (women only)
Smith – MAC Parlor (men only)

Median Adult (ages 35-55)
Carson – Choir Room – Room 200 (Youth/College Aged Kids)
Stanfield / Ramirez  – Room 204 (Pre-school/Youth Aged Kids)
Scott – Room 214 (Youth/College Aged Kids)
Kriegel – Room 223 (Pre-school/Elementary Aged Kids)
Alford – Room 303-304 (Elementary/Youth Aged Kids)
Anderson / Sibley – Room 311-312 (Elementary/Youth Aged Kids)
Myers / Bullajian – Room 331 – 332
Jurgensen / Lalani – Room 319
Webb – Room 333-334 (Elementary/Youth Aged Kids)

Young Adult (ages 20-35)
Bolton – Room 305-306
Gochis/Smith – Room 315-316 (Birth/Pre-school Aged Kids)
Hisel/Kaye – Room 335-336 (No Kids/Newborns)

Senior Adult (age 75+)
Saul – Room 203

Prime Adult (ages 55-75)
Miller/Williams – Room 210-211
Pausky – Room 301-302
Childs/Bailey – Room 217-218
Cotton – Room 321-324

Reagan/Boyd – Choir Suite (Women’s Class)
Lassiter – Room 317-318
Hyde/Upton – Room 303-304
Baldwin/Thornton – Room 344 (Women’s Class)

Median Adult
Patchin/Ozols – Room 224-225 (Elementary Aged Kids)
Lewis/Fitch – Room 313-314

Young Adult
Bracewell/Ellis – Room 329-330
Wilson/Griesemer – Room 335-336 (Young Kids)

Hamilton – Engaged/Newlyweds – This group meets off-site on Monday evenings.

Shellhorse – Young Adults (Ages 20’s – Early 30’s) – This group meets off-site on Sunday evenings.

Let us help you get connected.

Get in touch with Carrie Burrows, our Minister of Discipleship. She would love to answer any questions you have and help you get connected. There’s a lot going on at First Woodway! Carrie can help you find a Sunday morning group, provide more information about the activities and ministries, or give you a tour of the campus before your first visit.

Carrie Burrows, 254.772.9696

Contact Carrie

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