Take time to explore and find out ways you can get involved in all that’s happening here, because there’s a lot – and this is a place for you.

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Here’s what’s happening soon…

Bob’s Retirement Reception  |  August 21
After over four decades in youth ministry (38 of those years at First Woodway), the one and only Bob Johns is retiring. His ministry has impacted countless students, not only here at First Woodway but also beyond. Bob’s legacy will live on through his great accomplishments – establishing Sondays Camp and writing and publishing a book, to name just a couple! Because we love him so much, we want to throw him the party of a lifetime! Celebrate Bob with us on August 21, from 4:00 – 6:00 pm in the Worship Center. We will be writing BARF notes (Be A Real Friend Notes…it’s a camp thing) to show our love and appreciation for his years of ministry. This is a come-and-go event, but feel free to come-and-stay if you’d like. We’ll see you there!


Sunday Mornings
Jr. High in The MAC

High School in The Venue
Sunday Morning Bible Study for youth! We have some great teachers (you can check out who they are on the Youth Staff tab) and a great opportunity to explore the Bible together.  Junior Highs (grades 6th, 7th, 8th) meet in The MAC room A200 to start the hour. Then break out into smaller groups (rooms listed below).  High Schoolers (grades 9th, 10th, 11th) meet in The Venue main room.  Seniors meet in The Venue back room.

Junior High Sunday School break out rooms:
6th Grade Boys – room A125
6th Grade Girls – room A203/youth
7th Grade Boys – room A124
7th Grade Girls – room A211
8th Grade Boys – room A128/party room
8th Grade Girls – room A210

Sunday Nights next fall
The MAC Room A200
Beginning Sunday, September 11th

CONNECT.with a core group.
GROW.through discipleship.
SERVE.as Christ teaches.

Here at First Woodway, we take discipleship ministry very seriously.  In our 7:37 Discipleship Groups, students meet with a group of peers…his or her age and his or her gender.  Each group has two college leaders that help them to grow in Christian faith and practice.  Check out our great line up of leaders on the Youth Staff page.

Come and be a part of the spiritual backbone of our entire ministry.  It is your chance to mature into a faith that you can use.  It all takes place each Sunday at 7:37pm in The MAC room A200 on our campus.  From there we will break off into our small groups.  Fall semester 2022 begins on September 11 and ends on December 11.


Prime Time – for junior highers
7:00pm in The MAC

Wednesday Night Live – for high schoolers
7:00pm in The Venue

This is just what you need in the middle of the week – a time to gather with other students for authentic worship through music, drama, games, videos, testimonies and a talk that will give solid direction for living out your faith commitment.  Our midweek program for 6th-12th grades is live and in person…from a safe distance of course! Join us in The Venue every Wednesday at 7:00pm.  We have plenty of room to invite your friends, so get the word out!  This is the place for you to learn, grow, and reach out to your friends throughout the school year.

Social Media

To keep up with all the latest, follow our youth pages on the following social media platforms:

Instagram – @firstwoodwayyouth

Facebook – First Woodway Youth Ministry page

YouTube – First Woodway Youth Ministry

Summer 2023 Youth Mission Opportunities:

We are working on summer 2023 missions…check back here later this fall

Hey Seniors!  It’s a page just for you!

Save these dates on your calendar:

August 10th will be the last WNL for the class of 2022.  Make plans to be there as we say goodbye to this awesome class of graduates.  If you are leaving for college before August 10th, please let anyone on youth staff know.

Save the dates for SONDAYS CAMP 2023!

July 9-14, 2023

Youth Staff

Bob Johns

bobJOHNS (Youth Pastor)
has given overall leadership to this ministry since coming to First Woodway in 1984. He is a graduate of Texas Wesleyan College and Southwestern Seminary. Bob is married to Debbie, and they have one daughter, Hannah (a Baylor and Columbia graduate). He loves golf, skiing, reading, and playing his Gibson J-45. He is also the director of SonDays Camp, supervises interns for the Baylor Religion department, has served on the board of directors for several ministries, and has written curriculum, articles, and devotional materials for various publications.  He is not a celebrated speaker and never speaks at camps, retreats, or conferences, but he does love speaking to his high school students every week.  He has written one book on long term youth ministry entitled They Say I’m Crazy. You should stop right now and buy it on Amazon. Bob is also a licensed motor vehicle operator in the state of Texas and drives a truck.

meredithMORTON (Associate Minister: Middle School)
starting as the cutest little 7th grader, Meredith grew up in the ministry before departing for the mountains and the University of Arkansas – ending up with a degree in International Relations. After college, she spent a year studying in the Kanakuk Institute before starting her masters at Truett Seminay. After graduating, she moved into a full-time position– and is giving leadership to our ministry to middle school students. She is passionate about the opportunity to work with her junior highs. Meredith is definitely the second best athlete on the staff (hint: Bob), having excelled at volleyball, basketball, and softball in high school. She loves reading, hanging out with friends, and spontaneous adventures of any kind with her brand new husband, Tom.

terriJONES (Student Ministry Assistant)
came on board in this important position in 2013.  She keeps all of this madness so very well organized, and we love her for it.  Terri comes from Sweetwater, where she hung out at the Dairy Queen on weekends.  After graduating from Angelo State University, she made a choice to move to Dallas. It was there that she met her future husband, David.  Her present children, Allison (a Texas A&M graduate) and Sam (a Texas A&M student) continue to daily rise up and call her blessed. She enjoys walking, reading, and baking.  Everyone loves Terri, mostly because of her pies.

jasonFLETCHER (Youth Associate)
has served faithfully for the past five years as a volunteer and intern but now has moved into an associate role. Unlike everyone else, he is not home grown but grew up in Arlington. After graduating from Baylor, he taught chemistry (yuck) at Midway High School for one year. He now has chosen wisely and has come back on our staff, even as he goes full-time with his studies at Truett Seminary and the School of Education. Jason excelled in sports and was active in his youth ministry during his high school years. He loves reading, working out, playing piano, and hanging with his friends. He once broke his front tooth while trying to scare his mom getting out of her car; that obviously did not go well. Jason is a great speaker, mentor, and loyal team player. He also drives a truck.

As always, we have a great group of interns serving in our ministry. This year is no different. All of these servant leaders grew up in our ministry and are presently pursuing degrees at Baylor:

zachBROWN is finishing up his second year as an intern and gives solid leadership within our worship ministry. He played soccer in high school but also excelled in the musical arts department. Now at college, he loves hanging out at the library and with Libby his girlfriend, as well as Hank his dog.

walkerGARRETT started working this semester as a utility player helping with teaching and worship. In high school, he was a chaplain for the football team and was also all-state in choir (which is really hard to do). He is an avid outdoorsman and loves the USA, USA, USA!

By the way, all of our interns drive trucks. It’s a Texas thing.

Sunday Morning Team

High School Teachers
High School Department Director: Rodney Bowden
Assistant:  Terri Jones

12th Grade: Darrell Janecka, Cindy Janecka

11th Grade Guys: Rodney Bowden, Jon Edwards
11th Grade Girls:  Niki Edwards, Shannon Johnson

10th Grade Guys: Brent Baker, Alan Bowden
10th Grade Girls: Emily Baker, Angie Wood

9th Grade Guys: Jason Fletcher
9th Grade Girls: Bailey Lopez

Junior High Teachers

Junior High Department Directors: Jay Fischer, Leighanne Fischer

8th Grade Guys: Mike Meline, Shon Sanders
8th Grade Girls: Shelley Meline, Cindy Mosel

7th Grade Guys: Ben Erlanson, Kyle Miller
7th Grade Girls: Kristy Erlanson, Haley Winkleman

6th Grade Guys: Walker Garrett, Tom Morton
6th Grade Girls: Dana Bowden, Robin Sanders

7:37 Team

High School Discipleship Leaders
12th Grade Guys: Calvin Atkinson, Peyton Hacker
12th Grade Girls: Zoë Recks, Danelle Smith

11th Grade Guys: Jason Fletcher, Andy Gauer
11th Grade Girls:  Terri Jones, AnnaLouise Wages

10th Grade Guys: Harrison Escue, Joey Leeper
10th Grade Girls:  Casey Hoffmire, Julianna Lewis, Lauren Mogg, Casey Sadler

9th Grade Guys: Michael Mize, Zach Smith
9th Grade Girls: Kylie Akin, Madelyn George

Junior High Discipleship Leaders
8th Grade Guys: Zach Brown, Luke Wilson
8th Grade Girls: Meredith Bristow, Mariah Montgomery

7th Grade Guys: Walker Garrett, Blake George
7th Grade Girls: Ally Benson, Hannah Bowden, Abby Grace Edwards

SLT (Student Leadership Team)

Every year we invite any and all of our juniors and seniors to join us in the leadership of our ministry through our SLT (Student Leadership Team).

Ministry is only effective if the students get involved and claim it as their own. We invite students to serve on a few different focus groups according to their interests. Groups typically meet one Sunday a month to talk over ideas and important events.

Here the areas of involvement:

If you are a junior or senior in high school, you are welcome to join SLT.  Meetings are typically held the 2nd Sunday of each month.

In the vault we have the latest First Woodway youth videos. All available for your viewing pleasure… or mozy on over to youtube to watch some of our classics.

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