Take time to explore and find out ways you can get involved in all that’s happening here, because there’s a lot – and this is a place for you.

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CONNECT. with a core group.
GROW. through discipleship.
SERVE. as Christ teaches.

Here at First Woodway, we take discipleship ministry very seriously. In our 7:37 Discipleship Groups, students meet with a group of peers… his or her age and his or her gender. Each group has one or two college leaders that help them to grow in Christian faith and practice.

Come and be a part of the spiritual backbone of our entire ministry. It is your chance to mature into a faith that you can use. Meet in the MAC. Spring 2019 semester dates are every Sunday night beginning January 27 and ending on May 5.  No 7:37 on February 3 (Super Bowl), March 10 (Spring Break) and April 21 (Easter).


Junior High (7th-8th Grade)
Meet together on the second floor, Room 205, then move into small groups:
7th Grade Girls        Room A125
7th Grade Guys       Room A124
8th Grade Girls        Room 205
8th Grade Guys       MAC Party Room

High School (9th-12th Grades)
Meet together in the MAC, Room A200, then break into small groups:
9th Grade Girls         Room A211
9th Grade Guys        A200 East
10th Grade Girls       Room A113
10th Grade Guys       Room A110
11th Grade Girls       Room A203 (MAC Game Room)
11th Grade Guys       Room A200 center
12th Grade Co-Ed     Room A210


This is just what you need in the middle of the week – a time to gather with other students for authentic worship through music, drama, games, videos, testimonies and a talk that will give solid direction for living out your faith commitment.  We have plenty of room to invite your friends, so get the word out!  This is the place for you to learn, grow, and reach out to your friends throughout the school year.  We hope to see you there!

Prime Time (for Junior High) @ 7:00pm in the MAC/gym
Offers a sweet program just for middle schoolers – from an epic game to worship and a relevant talk.

WNL (Wednesday Night Live – for High School) @ 7:00pm in The Venue
Offers incredible worship, a brilliant skit, student testimonies and a talk geared more for older students.

La Grulla
June 16-22, 2019
The dusty little town of La Grulla continues to be a place close to the heart of our ministry.  Every year since 2002, we have been making the trek to the Rio Grande Valley to spend a week working with the Iglesia Bautista and ministering in this place we all love.  There’s nothing quite like VBS in Alto Bonito park with all the beautiful children of La Grulla.  It’s the best!  And the mornings are filled with good ol’ hard work/lots of sweat – it’s just the best week ever!  This trip will be for high schoolers but we are saving a few spots for incoming freshmen.  Registration is now closed. 

July 15-28, 2019 (approx)
We will have a team traveling to Namibia in the southern part of Africa summer 2019.  Our partnership with Bryan and Dana Bullington has been going on since 2003, working with their ministry to the city of Windhoek.  The time in country will be spent doing assembly programs in area schools, assisting with YWAP (a city-wide ministry to teenagers), and working with the children of Katutura (in the Afrikaans language this means “the place where no one wants to live”).  This impoverished, AIDS-ravaged part of the city will forever change your perspective on the world we live in.  Our team is all set and will begin all preparations soon.

July 21-27, 2019
For six years now, our annual mission trip to Belize has become a really important part of our ministry.  We love the little town of San Estevan, where each year we do a Vacation Bible School down by the river.  Literally just about every kid in town comes.  Seriously! We also do all kinds of work projects and youth outreach events for the Camino Biblico church – and we get to serve in an orphanage as well.  It’s a real international mission trip, just a bit closer to home.  We have a our team all set and preparations are underway.

Sondays Camp – the best week of the year

Mark your calendar right now for Sondays Camp 2019 – July 7-12, 2019.

Youth Staff

Bob Johns

bobJOHNS (Youth Pastor)
is our Youth Pastor, He has given overall leadership to this ministry since coming to First Woodway in 1984 (before any of his associates were born). He is a graduate of Texas Wesleyan College and Southwestern Seminary. Bob is married to Debbie, and they have one daughter, Hannah (a Baylor graduate). He is totally awesome at guitar, golf, and skiing. He is also the Director of SonDays Camp, supervises interns for the Baylor Religion department, on the board of directors for several ministries, and has written curriculum, articles, and devotional materials for various publications.  He has written one book on long term youth ministry (still to be published) entitled They Say I’m Crazy. Bob is also a licensed motor vehicle operator in the state of Texas and drives a truck.

Mark Tate

markTATE (Associate Youth Minister)
works with those amazing and always challenging 7th and 8th graders and has been doing that since 2011. He grew up in Lockhart where he claims the best barbeque in the world resides. He completed his degree at Baylor in 2013 and has a Master’s degree from DBU.  He loves his Baylor Bears but not as much as speaking to his middle school students every Wednesday night.   Mark loves to play golf with his dad, because he is the kind of golfer only a father could love. One cool thing about Mark is that he is totally into learning about/experiencing other cultures and working among them. You could say his two real passions are missions and working (in a most excellent way) with junior high critters.

chaseWOMMACK (Associate Youth Minister)
Works with the high school students helping out in speaking roles and putting together 7:37 curriculum on a weekly basis and leads the crazy 11th grade guys in 7:37. He grew up right here in Waco before studying at Baylor and completing his degree in Corporate Communications in 2016. Following graduation from Baylor, Chase spent a year and a half working in missions work to young people in northeast England. Chase loves just about anything to do with sports and faithfully supports the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers through thick and thin. Chase will once again be starting school in the Fall as he pursues a Masters in Theological Studies from Truett Seminary. He loves his job and looks forward to continuing to work with the First Woodway high school ministry and seeing them grow for the gospel of Christ.


bryanRHODES (Youth Associate/Creative Arts)
does whatever else needs to be done. He helps write skits with lots of dancing and hilarious hijinks and leads the 10th grade boys in 737 each Sunday night. He started going to Woodway as a youth in 2014 and has loved every second of it since. Bryan is a senior accounting major and corporate communications minor at Baylor. His close friends describe him as being 5-years-old and 45-years-old at the same time—meaning he is silly and immature at times but thoughtful and organized too. Bryan loves to play piano, throw around the frisbee, and travel in his free time. He’s thankful to be a part of the best youth ministry around and looks forward to working with the youth each and every week.

meredithBRISTOW (Youth Associate/Girls)
starting as the cutest little 7th grader, Meredith grew up in the ministry before departing for the mountains and the University of Arkansas – ending up with a degree in International Relations.  Now she is back attending Truett Seminary and serving on our staff – giving leadership to our ministry to girls. In the middle of all that, she spent a year studying in the Kanakuk Institute.  We couldn’t be more happy to have Meredith with us.  She’s definitely the second best athlete on the staff (hint: Bob), having excelled at volleyball, basketball, and softball in high school.  Meredith loves reading, hanging out with friends, and spontaneous adventures of any kind.  She is passionate about the opportunity to walk alongside girls through the joys and struggles of this life.

terriJONES (Administrative Assistant) came on board in this important position in 2013.  She keeps all of this madness so very well organized, and we love her for it.  Terri comes from Sweetwater, where she hung out at the Dairy Queen on weekends.  After graduating from Angelo State University, she made a choice to move to Dallas. It was there that she met her future husband, David.  Her present children, Allison (a Texas A&M graduate) and Sam (a junior at Midway) continue to daily rise up and call her blessed. She enjoys walking, reading, and not cleaning her house.  Everyone loves Terri, mostly because of her pies.

Sunday Morning Team

High School Teachers
High School Department Director: Rodney Bowden
Assistant:  Heather Bowden

12th Grade: Darrell Janecka and Adrienne Conradt

11th Grade Guys: Rodney Bowden, Jon Edwards
11th Grade Girls:  Cindy Janecka, Niki Edwards

10th Grade Guys: Brad Conradt, Richard Warren
10th Grade Girls: Laura Schmeltekopf, Lisa Lewis

9th Grade Guys: Jerry Weatherman, John Nickell
9th Grade Girls: Jen Graham, Pam Weatherman

Junior High Teachers
Junior High Department Directors: Tommy Ross, Brandi Ross

8th Grade Guys: David Brown, Andrew Schmeltekopf
8th Grade Girls: Prissy Brown, Melle Bain

7th Grade Guys: Alan Bowden, Richie Scott
7th Grade Girls: Sarah Scott, Angie Wood

7:37 Team

High School Discipleship Leaders
12th Grade Guys: Nathan Slonaker, Chase Wommack
12th Grade Girls: Kristen Jones, Hannah Johnson

11th Grade Guys:  Bryan Rhodes, Mark Tate
11th Grade Girls:  Meredith Bristow, Taylor Tate

10th Grade Guys:  David Beggs, MJ Morris
10th Grade Girls:  Georgia Fair, Abigail Garrett, Bre Golding, Mattie Ross

9th Grade Guys: Calvin Atkinson, Cayson Buchle, Anthony Flowers, Nathan Smith
9th Grade Girls: Stephanie Barrick, Devin Gary, Danelle Smith, Mary Conley Thompson

Junior High Discipleship Leaders
8th Grade Guys: Jason Fletcher, Tanner Henry
8th Grade Girls: Abigail Hingst, Katy Taylor

7th Grade Guys: Harrison Escue, Peyton Hodges
7th Grade Girls: Bethany Johnson, Mallory Ross, Claire Schmeltekopf, Paige Shelton


Every year we invite any and all of our juniors and seniors to join us in the leadership of our ministry through our SLT (Student Leadership Team).

Ministry is only effective if the students get involved and claim it as their own. We invite students to serve on a few different focus groups according to their interests. Groups typically meet one Sunday a month to talk over ideas and important events.

Here the areas of involvment:


If you are a junior or senior in high school, seriously consider joining one of these teams.

In the vault we have the latest fbcwoodway youth videos. All available for your viewing pleasure… or mozy on over to youtube to watch some of our classics.

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