So, my dear family, be firmly fixed, unshakeable, always full to overflowing with the Lord’s work. In the Lord, as you know, the work you’re doing will not be worthless. – 1 Corinthians 15:58 (Translated by N.T. Wright)

Looking back, I would not define myself as “firmly fixed” and “unshakable” during my athletic career. After every game, I immediately checked my stats, using these numbers to define my worth. Although I longed to be unshakeable, this proved to be an impossible task because my identity was based on my inconsistent performance and not in our consistent God.

Paul reveals to us the great importance in living and abiding in the Lord. Not only are we able to remain firm when we are in Christ, but the value of what we are doing changes. Here’s the honest truth: all the time and energy you are sacrificing counts for nothing if it’s for yourself and your stats. At the end of your career, all you’ll be left with are numbers on a page.

When Christ becomes your identity, your question after the game won’t be: “How were my stats?” but, rather you’ll ask, “Did I glorify God by my play and the way I treated my coaches, teammates, and opponents?” When we are more concerned with God receiving glory than ourselves, our work will never be worthless.

  • Spend time reflecting on this scripture.
  • Place your identity in the Lord by receiving His grace and love and recognizing Him as your Lord.
  • Pray that God would be glorified in all you do.