He must increase, but I must decrease. – John 3:30

Every day, game day or not, we face the challenge of either making our day about ourselves or about Jesus. The way our culture idolizes the individual and sports makes this particularly difficult for athletes. We read a verse like the one above and question its relevance in our lives, especially when it comes to our sport. The call to decrease doesn’t seem to be possible when it comes to our desire to win, start, or play at the next level.

Let me clarify that the call to decrease does not look like a lack of care or effort. It is not about the outward acts or appearance, but it’s about our inward attitude toward what we do. One of my best friends, Chase Wommack, put it this way, “Striving for excellence with an inward attitude of humility.” From the very beginning, God has placed us on this earth to work, but the work has always been for His glory and purpose.

We can’t just produce this inward attitude of humility out of nowhere. In order for us to decrease, Jesus must increase in our lives. This looks like going before the Father, acknowledging your need for Jesus and your gratitude for His constant love and grace. It looks like reading scripture and allowing the word of God to speak louder than your word. Like any creator, Jesus knows how this life is supposed to be lived. He even went on to demonstrate it for us. What if we started to believe that Jesus knows best, even when it comes to playing our sport?

  • Find a time and place to go before the Father.
  • Reflect on all Jesus has done for you and thank Him for His love.
  • Ask Him to increase in your life.