Can You Really Have It All? Balancing Work and Family
Led by Elizabeth Carson and Susan Wommack
Susan Wommack and Elizabeth Carson make balancing work and family look effortless, but even they will tell you it’s no easy task and the only way to make it through the day is to rely on Jesus (and Starbucks). Join these two powerhouse ladies as they share insights from their own journeys as working moms and what God taught them along the way.

Caring for Aging Parents
Led by Janet Lindsey
Over 65 million people in the U.S. care for chronically ill, disabled, or elderly family members or friends. If you are one of these caretakers, you won’t want to miss Janet Lindsey as she shares her own story of caring for both her parents (before her father and father-in-law passed into heaven), and currently her mother and mother-in-law. She’ll share practical and logistical insights, but also the lessons God has taught her through this journey. You will walk away knowing God can empower you to care for your loved one too.

Cultivating Contentment in an Instant Gratification World
Led by Vicki Lassiter
“I have learned to be content” implies a natural, unintentional state of discontentment. Isn’t that the state of us women? When we are young, kids, careers, or insecurities keep us awake at night. But then, when we are older, we reflect with fondness on the days we think we slept! When we are busy, we long for a break; when we get that desired break, we feel bored. Who can save us from this cycle of discontentment? Jesus, friends. Only Jesus.

Divorce: The Unexpected Journey
Led by Shannon Johnson
Navigating and healing from a divorce is a journey no woman wants to take. If you are on that journey, come and hear from a friend who is on that road with you. Put away the shame and let God redeem your story. Shannon is a woman, probably like you, who never thought she would have the label “divorce,” yet she refuses to let it define her. Come and hear her story of redemption, grace, and provision after her marriage of 17 years ended.

Embracing Faith in the Face of Doubt
Led by Anne Ferguson
One of the certainties of life is that we will have seasons of beauty and seasons of sorrow. So, what do you do when grief, disappointment, hurt, or sadness leads to unfamiliar questions or doubts you have never faced? Join Anne Ferguson as she talks about how doubting God can actually strengthen our faith in the Lord.

Embracing Your Season of Singleness
Led by GinnyLee Ellis
Do you happily embrace your single life, racking up those Dutch Bros points, buying floor seats to the Eras Tour, and running to the dog park with your fur baby? Or do you long for something else: a husband, 2.5 kids, and a home in the suburbs? Wherever your heart lands in this season of singleness, come discover the world’s definition of singleness vs. Scripture’s definition from a woman who has experienced the ups and downs in her own season of singlehood and what God has taught her through the journey.

Experiencing God in Crisis
Led by Sarah Nelson and Shelley Reeves
How do we experience God during a crisis? How do we trust God when bad things happen? The Bible does not promise bad things will not happen, but it does promise God will always be with us. Sarah Nelson and Shelley Reeves share two personal testimonies that illustrate how they experienced God while enduring hardship and devastating loss. Their heartwarming testimonies depict real-life examples of how Scripture comes to life through the Holy Spirit to speak to us in our darkest circumstances. Their stories of love, prayer, healing, grief, and loss are intertwined and demonstrate how God cares and ministers to the brokenhearted. Their stories also bring to light how God can use our own difficulty to help others who may be navigating their own crisis.

Finding Your Calling
Led by Cinnamon Wolfe
Finding your calling can sound like a daunting task, especially when we are trying to navigate motherhood, a challenging financial situation, or a job that might pay the bills but doesn’t necessarily satisfy a deep sense of purpose. Or maybe we are a new empty nester or retired and wondering, “What is my purpose now?” God has a lot to say about our calling. Join Cinnamon Wolfe and discover what God’s Word says about your purpose and calling in any and every season of life.

Foster Care and Adoption
Led by Erin Brown, Cheryl Gochis & Marissa Smith
Foster care and adoption requires a mom to address the unique demands of a child in need while leaning heavily on the Lord to sustain her and her family. If you are interested in foster care or adoption or looking for a place to connect with other foster/adopt mamas, we invite you to this session to hear from three foster/adopt moms who offer three different experiences: one foster mom, one mom who adopted through foster care, and one mom who adopted her child through international adoption. Come hear their stories and connect with other likeminded women.

God’s Grace in Marriage
Led by Niki Edwards
“Roses are red, candy is sweet. Grace in marriage can’t be beat!” From communication, parenting, and dynamics with extended family, come here from Niki as she shares her marriage journey and how the Lord has taught her to love well by showing grace.

Identity: Discovering Who God Created You to Be
Led by Alia Henderson
If you struggle with identity, you won’t want to miss this session with Alia Henderson. She will help you uncover God’s design for us as women and explore topics including identity, how faith and sports collide, and how we can build a bridge between our spiritual and physical lives. Her hope is to prompt self-reflection and discovery among all those who attend this session to encourage and spur you forward in your faith.

Infertility: Finding God in the Journey
Led by Brittany Bowman and Jessica Wash
Did you know that 1 in 5 married women experience infertility? Yet, it is difficult to talk about because it hurts so deeply. Women deal with their infertility journeys differently and no one way is “correct.” Sometimes it just helps to know that you are not alone, and other women are here to support you. Join Jessica Wash, mother of two, who has experienced infertility, as well as Brittany Bowman, licensed professional counselor, as they share their personal and professional insights on this important topic.

Lessons I’ve Learned from Motherhood
Led by Wendi Jones
Motherhood is a privilege and a gift, but it is also a job for which none of us received training. Come hear from a mom of five who will share what God has taught her through the failures, the wins, the joys, and the surprises of motherhood. This is not a “How-to-be-the-perfect-mother” guide, rather it’s a, “How-God-has sustained-me-through-motherhood” session. Come for the encouragement and stay for the fun!

Living on Mission: Creating a Family Mission Statement
Led by René Kekic
As a family unit, we are called by God to live out the Great Commission and to be fruitful and multiply. Yet, God has also equipped each of our families with unique giftings and callings while we exist together in our homes and beyond. This breakout session will walk you through the value of a family mission statement, how to create one, and how to make the most of your family’s time and resources. Our years with our family under our roof is short, so let’s make them meaningful!

Mentoring & Discipleship: Women Leading Women
Led by Su Milam
In our world today the term “influencer” has multiple meanings and implications: “A person with sway, specialized knowledge, or influence of a certain topic.” What about being an influencer for Jesus? What would that mean and look like today? Come hear from Su Milam, who has years of experience leading women of all ages, and share your own ideas with others about being an influencer for the cause of Christ as you serve in your community.

Navigating Chronic Pain
Led by Jamie Kent and Kimberly Shook
Have you struggled with chronic health issues? Do you feel like the apostle Paul when he says, “Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me” (2 Cor 12:8), yet never experiencing relief? If you can relate, we invite you to come hear from Jamie Kent and Kimberly Shook, two women who have struggled with different types of chronic pain and health issues as they share their stories and how God has sustained them through their journeys. You will be inspired and encouraged and in the end you will know that God sees you and is near to you in your own pain.

Rejected by the Church … Accepted by God
Led by Brenda Gonzales
Most of us have experienced rejection in some form or another: on the playground, in the workplace, by a friend, or maybe even by a family member. But few rejections cut as deeply as the rejection experienced by the Church. Come hear Brenda’s testimony of being rejected by the Church—the very people she thought of as her family—and how she grew closer to God through her experience.

Saying Yes to God when You Want to Say No
Led by Jo Williams
What happens when you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you to turn right, but you desperately want to turn left? We have all reached a fork in the road: that time when we wanted to do something, but God had other plans. Come hear from Jo Williams who will share her story of building her dream, only to surrender it to God three short years later. You will walk away in awe of this woman’s courage and obedience and be inspired to live a life of surrender knowing God is in control.

Waiting on God
Led by Michele Carson
Are you in a season of waiting? Waiting for a promotion? Waiting for a proposal? Waiting for healing? Waiting for direction? If you are waiting and it feels like God is moving way too slow, come hear from someone who has spent most of her life waiting. Michele will share the lessons she has learned while waiting, how God has never left her side, and what you can do while you wait.

Walking with God Through Anxiety and Depression
Led by Misty Casares and Annabeth Morgan
Anxiety disorders affect nearly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. and about 12 million women experience clinical depression each year. Yet, we don’t talk about these struggles. We pretend we’re fine, meanwhile we are drowning in mental anguish. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Come hear from a wife and mother who has experienced both anxiety and depression, as well as a licensed counselor who will offer some strategies for coping with anxiety and depression.