Most of us have experienced rejection in some form or another: on the playground, in the workplace, by a friend, or maybe even by a family member. But few rejections cut as deeply as the rejection experienced by the Church. Come hear Brenda’s testimony of being rejected by the Church—the very people she thought of as her family—and how she grew closer to God through her experience.

Meet Your Storyteller

Brenda Gonzales

Brenda Gonzalez moved to Waco from Miami, FL at the end of 2020. She lives here in Waco with her husband of 33 years, her daughter, her son-in-law, and her beloved grandson, Noah. She and her family call First Woodway their home, and she is so thankful for the friendships she is making here and for God’s perfect plan in her life. She reminds herself everyday how she is now living out her answered prayers and walking in faith for the ones to be answered!