Did you know that 1 in 5 married women experience infertility? Yet, it is difficult to talk about because it hurts so deeply. Women deal with their infertility journeys differently and no one way is “correct.” Sometimes it just helps to know that you are not alone, and other women are here to support you. Join Jessica Wash, mother of two, who has experienced infertility, as well as Brittany Bowman, licensed professional counselor, as they share their personal and professional insights on this important topic.

Meet Your Storytellers

Brittany Bowman

Brittany Bowman is a Dallas Theological Seminary graduate and LPC. She has spent the last eight years walking with people through past and present difficulties. She loves time with her family and a good cup of coffee.

Jessica Wash

Jessica Wash suffered from infertility and sought aggressive treatment for two and a half years. She went through three procedures and lost seven embryos. At her last IVF attempt, she was “aging out” of the program her clinic offered. During this time, she almost lost faith but deep down she still believed God had something planned for her. After so much hurt and the hormone roller coaster she had experienced, she was finally blessed with her twins, a boy and a girl.