How do we experience God during a crisis? How do we trust God when bad things happen? The Bible does not promise bad things will not happen, but it does promise God will always be with us. Sarah Nelson and Shelley Reeves share two personal testimonies that illustrate how they experienced God while enduring hardship and devastating loss. Their heartwarming testimonies depict real-life examples of how Scripture comes to life through the Holy Spirit to speak to us in our darkest circumstances. Their stories of love, prayer, healing, grief, and loss are intertwined and demonstrate how God cares and ministers to the brokenhearted. Their stories also bring to light how God can use our own difficulty to help others who may be navigating their own crisis.

Meet Your Storytellers

Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson is the author of, A Perfect Storm: Devotions During a Crisis, a devotional that shares her personal story of how God revealed Himself and walked her family through a life-threatening crisis. Sarah speaks at women’s events, has a heart for worship, and is a contributing writer for Waco Moms, an online parenting publication and affiliate of the national network City Mom Collective. Sarah, and her husband, Mark, have been married 22 years, and live in Waco with their three children, Seth, Hannah Grace, and Adalee.

Shelley Reeves

Shelley Reeves grew up in Waco where she now lives with her husband, Matt, and their family. She works in the Energy and Sustainability Services Division for Schneider Electric. Shelley is the mother of five children: Kelsey, McKenzie, Ainsley, Caroline, and Austin. She is also a featured guest in, A Perfect Storm: Devotions During a Crisis and shares her personal story of how the Lord ministered to her when she experienced the loss of her child.