“I have learned to be content” implies a natural, unintentional state of discontentment. Isn’t that the state of us women? When we are young, kids, careers, or insecurities keep us awake at night. But then, when we are older, we reflect with fondness on the days we think we slept! When we are busy, we long for a break; when we get that desired break, we feel bored. Who can save us from this cycle of discontentment? Jesus, friends. Only Jesus.

Meet Your Storyteller

Vicki Lassiter

Vicki Lassiter loves to study and teach God’s Word because it never fails to challenge, encourage, and fascinate her. Vicki is a wife, mother, and grandmother, but primarily she is a passionate follower of Christ. Her years living abroad as a missionary enhanced her understanding of Scriptural principles and broadened her love for God’s people in all their diversity.