The Helm Family
Jonathan & Lindsay with Ally

Jonathan & Lindsay Helm have a passion for following Christ, and it is evidenced by the many ways they serve in our fellowship and in our community. Along with daughter Ally, they recently traveled overseas with a group from First Woodway to encourage the E family (who are serving long-term) and work alongside them in East Asia. Lindsay emailed us one of their first experiences on the trip:

The coffee house smelled delightful as we walked in, greeted by the sweetest faces. Many had been invited to come share in a meal, coffee, and learn a little English.

“I have never heard of this Jesus.”

As the night went on and more of His Story was shared, this was a phrase repeated more than once. Just imagine for a minute never having heard of His Name… ever.  It reverberates through the chambers of my heart, “I haven’t heard of this Jesus.” 

How does that quote reverberate through your heart? Does it compel you to love, to serve, to share His Name? You can be part of a trip like this and experience the joy of sharing His Story. Trips are scheduled for spring break, summer, fall – from Waco to the Texas coast, stateside, and around the world. Take the first step and learn more:  On the church app, under SIGN UP; or at