FLOURISH is a mentoring program developed by Passion City Church. We’re launching this program in April. Learn more below! 

* These FAQs are partially taken from the flourishmentor.com website by Passion City Church.


FLOURISH is a 1-year discipleship journey that combines staying rooted in God’s Word with learning from a woman who is in a different stage in her walk with Jesus. Throughout the FLOURISH journey you will:

  • Build a relationship and community with your mentor or mentee.
  • Explore what Scripture says about your identity, calling, gratitude, and other relevant topics.
  • Learn to wholeheartedly love and follow Jesus.
  • Challenge how your individual story fits into God’s larger redemption story.

Who can participate in FLOURISH?

If you are interested in growing your faith, then you can participate in FLOURISH. You do not need to be at a certain point in your faith journey to participate.  FLOURISH is designed to help you grow and mature. That being said, there are certain requirements to participate . . .

What are the requirements to participate in FLOURISH?

While we want every woman to participate in FLOURISH, we want to make sure everyone who participates experiences the fullness of the discipleship program.  In order to do that, we ask the following of the FLOURISH mentors/mentees:

  • Participants must be a FW member. If you are not a member but still want to participate, please contact Elizabeth Oates to discuss (eoates@firstwoodway.org)
  • Participants should commit to a full year, as the FLOURISH curriculum is a 1-year curriculum.
  • Mentors will take on no more than one mentee at a time.
  • Mentors/mentees should commit to meeting at least twice a month in order to experience the full benefits of FLOURISH.
  • Mentors/mentees should follow the FLOURISH curriculum, which enables them to spend time in God’s Word and prayer five days a week.

What curriculum do you use?

FLOURISH uses the its own curriculum which was created by Passion City Church and is based on numerous Scripture passages, including Titus 2:1, 3-5 and 1 Peter 5:1-5. FLOURISH is a 1-year curriculum broken into six sessions. Each session anchors women around six practical life topics, engaging them in both the Word and in each other’s lives. These topics are relevant to women everywhere and reflect our vision to help them grow into a life that matches the standards to which God calls us.

Do I get to pick my mentor/mentee?

When you sign up to be a part of FLOURISH, we will ask you to fill out a mentor/mentee application.  You may request a certain mentor/mentee on the application.  If you do not have someone in mind, no worries! We are intentional and prayerful with the matching process and consider many factors to provide each mentee with the most suitable mentor.

Is there a cost to participate in FLOURISH?

The only cost to participate is the cost of the FLOURISH curriculum, which is $21. Both mentors and mentees will need their own dedicated copy of the FLOURISH curriculum in order to ensure the best experience with the program content and daily devotionals. If you cannot afford the cost of the curriculum, please contact Elizabeth Oates (eoates@firstwoodway.org). We never want finances to prevent a woman from participating in FLOURISH.

Do you have any resources to guide the mentoring relationship?

Yes! For more information, videos, downloadable guides, and more, go to www.flourishmentor.com.

When is the FLOURISH Kick-Off Event?

The FLOURISH Kick-Off Event is April 7 so mark your calendars! It will be a fun time of worship, teaching, and the big reveal of finding out who your mentor/mentee is!

I am interested in FLOURISH but can’t commit right now. What should I do?

We are hoping to open up FLOURISH again in the Fall 2022, so if Spring 2022 is not a good time, no worries! Be on the lookout for more information in the fall.

To apply to be a Flourish mentor, click here.

To apply to be a Flourish mentee, click here.

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