“They will run and not grow weary.”

– Isaiah 40:31

84 Runners

The mission of 84 Runners is to promote health and fitness through running and walking in the communities around Highway 84.  This mission will be accomplished through training runs/walks, events, and races.

Join René Maciel and other walkers, joggers, and runners on the first and third Saturday of every month at 8:00 am in front of the MAC. There is no membership fee. We meet briefly and then run usually 3-4 miles. We run mostly around the church and through the neighborhoods and some access roads. Strollers are welcome.  If you know of any other runners, invite them to come with you. Please click here for more information. For questions: contact René Maciel: rmaciel@firstwoodway.org or call the church office: 254.772.9696


84 Runners – Run, Pray, Waco | November 1 – 30

We believe in the power of prayer. Starting November 1 through November 30, join 84 Runners as we go across Waco praying over our beloved city and encouraging others in our community. It will be a 14 mile route individuals can complete in one day or spread throughout the month. The starting point is the First Woodway MAC parking lot and the ending spot is Rising Star Baptist Church. The fee is $25, which includes a t-shirt and a donation to small businesses in Waco through the Hispanic Cen-Tex Chamber.

On Sunday, November 29, those who would like to join us for the last mile, are invited to Primera Iglesia Bautista de Waco as we unite together and make our way to Rising Star Baptist Church. We invite runners and walkers of all ages to come and Run, Pray, Waco.

Start at First Woodway and finish at Rising Star Baptist Church. Sunday, November 29, for all who want to join us we will run the last mile starting at Primera Iglesia Bautista de Waco to Rising Star BC. We will leave at 9:30 am and join together to pray and thank God for unity in and our community

The Run:
Run from First Woodway MAC parking lot across town on a pedestrian friendly route to Rising Star Baptist Church. You can run it all in one day, or take a few days, or take the whole month to run this 14-mile route. This run is to run across Waco praying and encouraging and bringing our community together. We invite runners, walkers, old and young to Run, Pray, Waco. If you decide to take a few miles at a time you will need someone to pick you up at each stopping place.

$25 includes t-shirt and donation to small businesses in Waco through Hispanic Cen-Tex Chamber.

Run: We run because we love it, we run for fitness and good health, and we run for the challenge.

Pray: We pray for our neighbors, our community, and our nation, asking God for healing and unity.

Waco: We love our community, we support our community, and we want our community to come together for good.

Send an email to René Maciel with questions at rmaciel@firstwoodway.org.


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Want to know more about races in Texas and other parts of the country? Check out www.runnerclick.com

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