Join us this Sunday

Worship Service, 9:00 am  |  College Hour, 10:30 am [MAC A200]
101 Ritchie Road  |  Waco TX 76712

You are invited to join a college community where students are growing through discipleship, and living faithfully in the context God has placed them.

Pick a starting point below.

 Sunday Mornings

Worship Service @ 9:00am [Main Worship Center]

Join us in the main worship center where as a church we gather to worship together, and to hear from our pastor, Dr. Paul Sands.


College Hour @ 10:30 am [MAC A200]

After the worship service we make our way to room A200, in the MAC (the gym). College students are greeted by smiling faces, and free donuts. Nothing better. Here we will worship, pray, and engage scripture.

Fall 2016

October 28-29 – Fall Retreat
November 4 – College Childcare Night
November 5 – BU/TCU Tailgate
November 11 – Prayer Awakening
December 4 – Senior Recognition
December 6 – Study Hall
December 11 – last college hour for the semester

We have community groups that meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We call these groups “Missional Communities,” or MC for short. Below you will find a list of our community groups. Feel free to just drop by for a visit the door is always open. If you would rather speak with someone before going, email our community intern Case Smith.  He would love to help you find a group!

Every community group meets at 7:00 pm. If you have questions email:


Riley Neal & Paige Shellhorse                                 Lauren Knapton & Carter Jenkins
402 Woodfall Drive                                                   10015 Lost Oak Ridge
Woodway, TX 76712   (Lee’s)                                  Woodway, TX 76712 (Holman’s)                                 
903-505-0479                                                            817-307-1285                     
512-744-7755                                                              512-297-0900

Emily Sedate & Ben Tinlin                                       Luke Walker & Megan Hollister
10005 Lost Oak Ridge                                              9007 Treeline Drive
Woodway, Tx 76712 (Smyers)                                 Woodway, Tx 76712 (Sherman)                             
281-923-9736                                                              817-821-2453                        
623-980-6596                                                             713-598-9018

Wes Cossick & Joelle Massaad                                 Case Smith & Bailey Payne
15003 Sendero Court                                                  9915 Townridge Drive
Woodway, Tx 76712  (Myers)                                    Woodway, Tx 76712 (Wommack)                             
832-331-8905                                                                254-717-8234                            
817-705-1244                                                                  361-218-8528

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