Our hope is for every person to come to know Jesus and to grow as a fully developing follower of Christ.

A First Formation Group is an opportunity for you to be formed and shaped in your spiritual journey. We are formed and shaped to be followers of Christ by a constant feeding of His word and having fellowship with other believers. Every spring and fall semester, First woodway offers a dozen or more First Formation Groups. These men’s, women’s, and coed groups meet on Wednesday evenings at the church, with a few groups meeting at alternate times during the week at various locations. Join a First Formation Group this semester and experience just the beginning of what God wants to do in your life.

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Spring 2017 First Formation Groups

Join us Sunday morning, January 8, in the Main Foyer for a First Formations preview. You can take a look at sample study materials and group leaders will be available to answer any questions you have.

Books, workbooks, and member books will be available to purchase at the resource table in the foyer on Wednesday, January 11.  After the first class, resources will be available from your group leader or in the church office.

Brand: New
Led by:  Scott & Suzanne Patterson
Sunday Evenings @ 6:00 pm (6 weeks – begins January 29)
Room:  315-316
Format:  DVD/ Discussion
Cost:  Free

How should the world view the church?  Unfortunately, we’ve created a brand for the church that Jesus never intended.  But we have the opportunity to give everyone a Brand: New perspective. In this at times unsettling series, Andy Stanley (founder of North Point Ministries in Atlanta) tells us how we can return Christianity to the brand Jesus intended.

Christian Writers Workshop
Led by:  Reita Hawthorne
Wednesday Evenings @ 6:00 pm (8 weeks)
Rooms:  210-211
Format:  Guest Speakers/Discussion
Cost:  Free

There is a story, a poem, an article, a novel, a memoir, or a blog inside each of us.  It longs to be set free on the canvas of a page.  They are tales worth telling and words worth sharing.  What is keeping you from writing them down?  Don’t know where to start?  Aren’t sure how to begin?

Now is the time to write, and the Christian Writer’s Workshop is here to help.  In addition to the Kick-Off event January 28, we will meet for eight successive weeks to hear from experts and practice our craft.

Church History (Part II)
Led by:  Mark Embry and Bill Northern
Wednesday Evenings @ 6:00 pm (9 weeks)
Room:  317-318
Format:  Teaching/Discussion – attendance to first semester NOT required
Cost:  Free

God’s church is HIS-Story. She is the outworking of God throughout history. Church History tells of what God did, who God used, when He did it and where His work took place. Beginning with the persecutions of the Early Church, believers fought tyranny, heretical teachings, and corruption, and thankfully remained faithful to perform the work of the Lord through the centuries.

Several puzzling questions will be answered: How did we get our Bible? How did a Roman Emperor become head of the Church? How did the Church get a Pope? Where did the Monks come from and what did they do? What caused the Christian Crusades? What are the events and who are the people involved in the Reformation of the Church? What did the Church look like in the Middle Ages? Why are there so many denominations? Where did Baptists come from? Many other issues and events will be explored as we study what happened between the cross and today! Come be part of this fun and in-depth journey that will give you a much greater understanding of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Circle Of Security: Parent Education
Led by:  Brett Greenfield, LMSW, Waco Outreach Case Manager at MCH Family Outreach
Wednesday Evenings @ 6:00 pm (6 weeks)
Room:  335-336
Format:  Teaching/Discussion
Cost:  Free

Circle of Security is “a relationship-based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children.” The program is based on research revealing that secure children exhibit more self-esteem and empathy while also forming stronger relationships and performing better in school. Through the program, facilitators help caregivers to identify children’s needs and determine the best ways to meet those needs.

Caregivers in every season of parenting have the opportunity to grow and learn alongside other parents in the midst of similar journeys. Circle of Security is designed to assist caregivers in stepping out of their current circumstances and experience their journey of parenting from a different perspective. Join us for this unique experience in connecting with yourself and your children.

Is This the End?
Led by:  Dr. Charles Dixon
Wednesday Evenings @ 6:00 pm (10 weeks)
Room:  301-302
Format:  Teaching/Discussion
Cost:  Free

Never have the headlines been this jarring, the cultural changes this rapid, or the moral decay this pronounced.  What on earth is happening?  After each new occurrence, the most oft-heard questions are, “Will the world ever be the same again?” and “Where is God in all of this?”

Over the last few decades, Dr. David Jeremiah has become one of the world’s most sought-after Christian leaders on topics dealing with biblical application and modern culture.  Few would dispute the pace at which things are currently changing is unprecedented.  The time has come to accept this new normal, Jeremiah says, and understand how God’s hand is still at work on His eternal plan for mankind.

No one can afford to ignore these warnings, but all can better understand the greater story and the role we each play in this changing world.  From prophetic clues in Scripture to an understanding of the power of Christ in all believers, this book directs us on a clear path forward.

Includes detailed chapters on terrorism, ISIS and radicalized Islam, the new Russia, the American debt crisis, and the loss of absolutes.

The Gospel Of John (Part II – John 7:1 – 12:16)
Led by:  Dr. Ted Foley
Wednesday Evenings @ 6:00 pm (11 weeks)
Room:  321-324
Format:  Teaching/Discussion – attendance to first semester NOT required
Cost:  Free

Studying the Gospel of John is like entering the most holy place of all, the Holy of Holies—it is like coming into the very presence of God. It is here that we see God in person, and God in the flesh as Jesus Christ. Nowhere in the New Testament are we able to observe the heart and mind of Christ like we can in the Gospel of John. Here we truly discover the magnificent glory and deity of Jesus Christ.

In the Gospel of John, it is as though the beating heart of Jesus can almost be heard, and that we are able to touch the nail prints of Christ and cry out with the apostle Thomas, “My Lord and my God,” because we are able to see Jesus for who He is, the Son of God. As the apostle John wrote his Gospel, he was saying to us, “Behold
your God.”

Life After Loss
Led by:  Dr. Bob Harr
Wednesday Evenings @ 6:00 pm (6 weeks)
Room:  311-312
Format:  Support Group/Discussion
Cost:  Free

Dealing with the death of a loved one is one of life’s most difficult and stressful experiences.  Often, people feel lonely and confused because friends and family expect them to be over the death, yet their grieving continues.  Many people find it helpful to meet with others who are dealing with the death of a loved one.

Life After Loss is a six week seminar and support group that brings together those who are grieving with professionals who are experienced in helping.  The sessions will deal with the nature of grief, what happens when we grieve, and how not only to survive grief but actually
grow stronger.

Each session is designed to inform and encourage participants to move through their grief.  The class is open to all adults who have lost a loved one through death within the last two years.

The Lord’s Appointed Times: An Overview of Biblical Holy Days, Feasts, and Fasts
Led By:  Paul Fabiszewski
Wednesday Evenings @ 6:00 pm (12weeks)
Room:  342-343
Format:  Teaching/Discussion
Cost:  Free

We will explore the biblical holy days from when they were instituted, through how they have been celebrated over thousands of years, to what they can teach us today. This will include how they foreshadow the first and second comings of the Messiah. At Passover, we will celebrate a full Messianic Passover seder and meal, which will be an open event for people not taking this class.

THE CALL:  Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life
Led by:  Ronny Higgins
Wednesday Evenings @ 6:00 pm (10 weeks)
Room:  313-314
Format:  Teaching/Discussion
Cost:  $10.00 (Member Book)

The Call is a long-standing classic, reflective work on life’s purpose. Best-selling author Os Guinness goes beyond our surface understanding of God’s call and addresses the fact that God has a specific calling for our individual lives.

Why am I here? What is God’s call in my life? How do I fit God’s call with my own individuality? How should God’s calling affect my career, my plans for the future, my concepts of success?

According to Guinness, “No idea short of God’s call can ground and fulfill the truest human desire for purpose and fulfillment.” With tens of thousands of readers to date, The Call is for all who desire a purposeful, intentional life
of faith.

Boundaries – Discipleship Support Group
Led by: Cindy Harr, Ph.D., LCSW and Marissa Hostin
Wednesday Evenings @ 6:00 pm (8 weeks)
Room:  344
Format:  Book/Discussion/Handouts
Cost:  $10

Together we will learn to balance loving and giving with establishing limits and accountability for ourselves and others. By knowing how and when to say “yes” or “no” to our own, and others, desires and activities, we will gain more control and freedom to grow and live the abundant life Christ desires for us.

Please Note:  An important aspect of this group will be sharing and supporting each other along the journey together; therefore, there is a limit of 12 participants.

Led by: Melodie Robison
Wednesday Evenings @ 5:45 pm  (12 weeks)
Room:  305-306
Format:  DVD Teaching/Discussion
Cost:  $10.00 (Workbook)

Entrusted is a study of the apostle Paul’s last letter, 2 Timothy.  In this latest Beth Moore study, you will be encouraged to guard what God has entrusted to you, further His kingdom by sharing Christ with others, and pour into future generations just as Paul once mentored Timothy. Because in this journey of joy and hardship, we need each other to stay the course and live a life of faithfulness.

We will spread the study over 12 weeks with a video one week followed by discussion questions the next week.  It will be sweet fellowship time as we study and learn together from this encouraging, instructive letter Paul wrote to his “son” in ministry.

Led by:  Jan Gilbert
Monday Mornings @ 9:00 am (10 weeks – begins January 23)
Room:  321-324
Format:  DVD Teaching/Discussion
Cost:  $10.00 (Workbook)
*Childcare available – RSVP with the church office

Join Beth Moore for an in-depth and personal examination of this great story of threat and deliverance.  If you’ve ever felt inadequate, threatened, or pushed into situations that seemed overpowering, this is the study for you.  Just as it was tough being a woman in Esther’s day, it’s tough today.

Beth peels back the layers of history and shows how very contemporary and applicable the story of Esther is to us.  This portion of God’s Word contains treasures to aid us in our hurried, harried, and pressured lives.

Uninvited – Living Loved When You Feel Left Out, Less Than and Lonely
Led by:  Wanda Lehnus
Every other Monday Evening @ 7:00 pm (6 weeks)
Schedule: Jan 16, 30; Feb 13, 27; March 13, 27;  Apr 10, 23
Meets in Lehnus Home, 1005 Knightsbridge in Twin Rivers
Format:  DVD/ Discussion
Cost:  $10.00 (Book) and $10.00 (Workbook)

Lysa TerKeurst, the New York Times bestselling author of The Best Yes, is president of Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Uninvited digs deep into God’s Word to help you identify the roots of rejection, overcome the damage past hurts can inflict on your relationships today, and fully grasp what it looks like to live loved.

Lysa will take you by the hand as a trusted friend and help you enter a place of powerful healing and new perspective.  Uninvited is the beautiful reminder you need to believe you are destined for a love that can never be diminished, tarnished, shaken, or taken – a love that does not reject or uninvite.  With Jesus you are always invited.

The last class will be April 23 with a carry-in dinner to solidify and celebrate what we’ve learned in Uninvited.

The Dwelling – A Study and Community for Moms
Led by:  Mary and Noelle Carpenter
Monday Mornings @ 9:00 am (8 weeks – begins January 23)
Room:  Fellowship Hall
Cost:  Free

The Dwelling is a place for moms to rest in God’s promises and be affirmed that His strength is made perfect in our weakness.  Each week we will focus on hearing God’s voice by studying His Word, but also through sharing our struggles and God’s triumphs in a real, transparent environment.  This spring we will be studying Colossians: Christian Counter Culture.  Childcare registration is required by January 16.

Every Man’s Battle
Led by:   George Staples
Wednesday Evenings @ 6:00 pm (9 weeks)
Room:  331/332
Format:  DVD Teaching/Discussion
Cost:  $10.00 (Book)

From movies and television, to print media and the internet, men are constantly faced with the assault of sensual images. It is impossible to avoid such temptations but, thankfully, not impossible to confront them and gain victory over them! Millions have found Every Man’s Battle a great resource for overcoming the struggle and remain strong in the face of temptation.

This study shares the stories of dozens who have escaped the trap of sexual immorality and presents a practical, detailed plan for any man who desires sexual integrity or any dad who wants to understand the subject better to guide his son toward sexual integrity.

Combat Trauma: Christ-Centered Solutions For Combat Trauma
Led By:  Jay Fondren 
Wednesday Evenings @ 6:00 pm (8 weeks)
Room:  329-330
Format:  Teaching/Discussion
Cost:  Free

We will discover spiritual solutions for your struggles with PTSD as we combine the latest insights of the medical and counseling communities with the timeless principles of God’s Word.

We will discuss a step-by-step program that will help you:

– Understand your trauma – spiritually, psychologically and physiologically

– Adopt therapeutic spiritual disciplines

– Process your loss and grief

– Experience the freeing influence of giving and receiving forgiveness

– Rebuild your identity based on what God says about you

– Strengthen yourself spiritually against future attacks

– Connect with those who will support you in many ways

– Rejoin society as a strengthened man of God

At First Woodway, you’ll find a sense of family and belonging. We’d love to meet you.

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