Fellowships are indispensable to group life. I believe this so strongly that I advise groups to have monthly get-togethers to encourage deeper relationships among group members. Unfortunately, fellowships can also seem unwieldy. This is especially true when we assume (1) that they have to be big to-dos and (2) that everyone needs to be able to come to every fellowship. These assumptions are a sure recipe for overthinking that leads to paralysis.

This in mind, there is one key rule for group fellowships: Get something on the calendar!

It doesn’t have to be fancy, and everyone doesn’t have to be able to attend. Instead, it should be enjoyable, and most group members should be able to attend most of the time. This in mind, find a time this month when 75% of your group can be present and put it on the calendar. Then go bowling or meet at the park for a picnic or plan to grill-out and pass out a sign-up sheet for condiments and sides in class. These are all relatively simple fellowship ideas that could make for great fun. I bet that you can think of more.

Whatever the case, don’t overthink things. Get something on the calendar!