First Woodway will be conducting a deep clean of all adult Sunday School space from Monday, July 2 – Friday, July 13. We’ll need group leaders to remove all items from their classrooms (including stuff on the walls) by Sunday, July 1. This will give us a chance to touch up paint, deep clean carpet, etc. It will also give us a clean slate for new space assignments.

Regarding space assignments, Pastor Paul has given me a charge to find more Sunday School space at the 9am Sunday School hour. After looking at our current space usage, I have discovered that we are not as efficient as we might be in assigning classes to appropriately sized rooms. This in mind, we will be rethinking Sunday School space as a whole during the deep clean.

This means that classes may or may not end up in the classrooms that they currently use.

Please trust me on this one. We’ll be taking care to get all classes into good space. Also, classes that have purchased their own chairs, etc., will take those resources with them.

We will also hold a group leadership meeting at 4:30pm on Sunday, July 8, in the Fellowship Hall. At this meeting I will be introducing some powerful new tools for group management. This is also the time when new space assignments will be announced.

So, here’s all that one more time:

  • We will be having a deep clean of all adult Sunday School space from July 2-13.
  • Classes may or may not keep their current space.
  • A group leadership meeting will be held on Sunday, July 8, at 4:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Grace and peace,

Mike Smith
Discipleship Minister
First Woodway Baptist Church